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The NKS College Exposure & Placement Supercamp is a full two day evaluation from a nationally recognized program enhancing collegiate recruiting exposure throughout its vast network across the USA.


The camp provides a special platform for high school and junior college placekickers, punters, and long snappers to showcase their talents for the purpose of greatly expanding collegiate exposure and opportunities for placement. All players are comprehensively evaluated over a full two day period (9 am to 5 pm both days). NKS believes that this enhanced extended format is the only legitimate way to accurately assess a player’s true ability and potential. Each camp participant’s collegiate ability and potential level (FBS/1-A, FCS/1-AA, etc.) is fairly based on their overall performance. The ratings are specific and exact, providing the information that recruiters need to know. NKS profiles are highly regarded because of our long term success and no nonsense reputation.

Evaluations are highly personalized with a staff to player ratio approximately 1:5. Camp participants all have an NKS Senior Staff Member assigned to them throughout the camp and receive their own written evaluations and camp charts.


National Kicking Service’s vast recruiting network encompasses all 700 plus colleges and universities that play football in the USA, individual college scouts, recruiting coordinators, coaches, media, NKS staff, etc. Institutions of all levels seek out NKS for prospects. We utilize all resources to enhance prospects visibility.


The recruiting process for the special teams skills can be vastly different from other positions. For instance, placekickers, punters, and long snappers are very often the last positions to be signed in a recruiting year by college programs. Also, when does a player know when a college team is genuinely interested? It is imperative for players and parents to be knowledgeable when in communication with collegiate programs. All aspects are covered in detail at a special meeting. Parents and high school coaches are encouraged to attend.


The College Exposure & Placement Supercamp has been transforming for some players. When a group of passionate placekickers, punters, and long snappers come together in an NKS camp setting the atmosphere is electric. It’s a place where conditions are conducive to achieving “the next level”. Camp participants retain NKS as their own personal consultant throughout the recruiting process…..we stay with you all the way.


More and more we hear professional athletes speaking of having fun with their particular sports. National Kicking Service has known that for a long time. Enjoyment of a skill leads to enthusiasm….which leads to quality practice, more practice time, and enhanced performance in game situations. It’s always a spirited and passionate group that attends these camps. Players will make new friends and develop relationships with the NKS Staff.


There are many hotels close by to choose from. The Comfort Inn is a little over a mile from campus and is reasonably priced. Tell them you are part of the NKS camp held at Stetson and receive a discount.

Comfort Inn
400 E. Intl. Speedway Blvd.
DeLand, FL 32724

Why do some talented high school players “fall through the cracks”?

A considerable number of talented placekickers, punters, and long snappers do not receive the “exposure” necessary to attract interest from colleges and universities. This may limit their choices for a college education and collegiate football career. What are some of the reasons?

  • Playing at a small school with minimum exposure.
  • Injury
  • Geographic location of school; some areas of the country are more heavily recruited than others. This is especially true for placekickers and punters.
  • Players beginning their high school careers late.
  • Players with collegiate ability receive little or no playing time because of extreme depth at their position (“He would start at any other school in our conference/district.”).
  • Physical development: some athletes physically mature more slowly than others.
  • Because of the strength of their team in a particular year some players receive insufficient competitive opportunities to exhibit their abilities fully.
  • Players and parents not fully comprehending the recruiting process.

NKS sincerely wishes to assist all qualified players seeking the opportunity to continue their athletic careers collegiately whether it is playing for a top 10 FBS team or a Division 3 program with just the right mix of academics and athletics to suit them. Maximum exposure is the key.


  • All players are provided their own personal written NKS evaluation with camp performance information and insight from the staff.
  • Camp participants may be evaluated in more than one skill.
  • Camp results are highly respected and aggressively marketed throughout the year.
  • Important session with crucial information on all aspects of the recruiting process…material all players and parents need to know.
  • Biomechanical video analysis for all positions.
  • Fair and unbiased evaluation from NKS’s most experienced staff.
  • Staff to player ratio is 1:6 or less.
  • Parents are welcome to attend all parts of the camp absolutely free.
  • Camp participants retain National Kicking Service as their own personal consultant throughout the recruiting process…we stay with you all the way.
  • Camp T-shirt


  • Tuition    (includes all camp services)
    * First time player attending an NKS program. $395.00
    * NKS Veteran-Players that have previously attended an NKS program. This includes camps, clinics, private and group instruction. (Please be sure to list last NKS program attended on the application) $380.00
  • Applications are accepted in the order in which they are received. They must be accompanied by a $125 non-refundable deposit. The remainder of the tuition must be received no later than one week before camp. Confirmation will be mailed to you.
  • Discount for early regstration.    There is a $15 discount for early regsitration! Applications accompanied by full camp payment must be received no later than December 1. All applications received after December 1 are subject to the full tuition price.
  • Eligibility    The NKS College Exposure & Placement Supercamp is open to all players and is in accordance with NCAA regulations. Only current high school and junior college participants are eligible for the College Exposure & Placement Program.
  • Enrollment    Early enrollment is strongly recommended to secure a spot in a camp. Because of our commitment to individual attention, NKS must limit the number of camp participants.
  • Skill Level    It is hoped that no placekicker, punter, or long snapper feels intimidated by the high level nature of the program. The camp is invaluable for all players seeking to ascertain where they stand in the competitive process and what steps are necessary to achieve the “next level”. All camp participants are treated with the greatest respect by the NKS staff.
  • Registration and Camp Format
    Camp participants arrive at beautiful Stetson University at 9 a.m. on Saturday, January 14. Check in will be held in the Stetson Room located in the Carlton Student Union. Take the staircase just inside the main entrance to the second floor. The Stetson Room is on the left.Camp continues until 5 p.m. Camp resumes on Sunday, January 15 at 9 a.m. and closes by 5 p.m. “All you can eat” lunch is provided by National Kicking Service at the Stetson Dining Hall each day. Other meals, housing, and transportation are the responsibility of each camp participant. Nearby airports are Orlando International and Daytona Beach. Area hotels of all price ranges are plentiful. The Comfort Inn is a little over a mile from campus and is reasonably priced. Tell them you are part of the NKS camp held at Stetson and receive a discount.

    Comfort Inn
    400 E. Intl. Speedway Blvd.
    DeLand, FL 32724

It is advisable to make all travel arrangements early to coordinate with the camp schedule or possible extended stay in the Orlando/Daytona Beach area.

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For registration, please follow the instructions below.

Our online registration requires approval by a Parent or a Legal Guardian by typing their name in the text box at the end of the online registration page. Registering online gives you the option of paying for a camp with a credit card through Paypal. Please review the camp rates above. If you choose to pay by check, please make checks payable to National Kicking Service and mail your payment to:

Gene Muriaty
National Kicking Service
P.O. Box 135
Marshfield Hills, MA 02051

Directions to Stetson University – Located in historic DeLand on North Woodland Blvd. (U.S. 17-92) 35 miles north of Orlando. From I-4 take the Lake Helen, Orange Camp Road exit. Take Orange Camp Road to U.S. 17-92 (Woodland Blvd.) and follow the signs to Stetson University. Upon arrival at campus, from Woodland Blvd. take E. Pennsylvania Ave. Take the first right (Bert Fish Drive) and proceed ¼ mile to the rear of Carlton Student Union (right). The main entrance is at the front of the union.

The testing was conducted January 14-15 in DeLand, Florida with all classes on the identical strict and objective collegiate criteria. Participants are select placekickers and punters from throughout the USA. Their ratings are based on individual charts and overall performance over a full two day period. NKS believes this format is the best way to assess a player’s true ability and potential. All graduating high school seniors were tested off the ground for field goals. Underclassmen used one inch blocks. Prospects may be contacted through National Kicking Service or their individual school.

This list is for the exclusive use of collegiate football programs and their official representatives for the sole purpose of recruiting potential student athletes. The use of this list for any other purpose, including commercial solicitation, is strictly prohibited by National Kicking Service and all parties mentioned within.


Gene Muriaty
National Kicking Service

A note from Coach Muriaty:

Sincere thanks from me and the entire NKS staff to the players and parents who made the 2017 College Exposure Supercamp an event to remember. The atmosphere was electric throughout the entire camp with players giving it their all while making huge strides in their skills. It was as focused and coachable a group that has ever been part of the event. The NKS rating criteria is tough and every kicker, long snapper, and punter really stepped up. Players seemed to feed off of each other’s enthusiasm which led to some incredible performances.

The camaraderie at camp was evident with all age groups and skills working together as a close knit group. It was a blast. I look forward to seeing everyone in the near future. Remember to contact me for assistance of any kind.

FBS/1-A College Prospects NOW

NKS Criteria:

Kickoffs – 65 yards average distance
70+ yards best
3.8 seconds average hang time
4.3 seconds best hang time
Field Goals – 80-85% made
60 yard range
Punting – 48 yards average distance
60 yards longest
4.5 seconds average hang time
5.0+ seconds best hang time
Long Snapping – 7 yard snaps consistently at .3 seconds or better. 100 % within 6″ of target.
15 yard snaps consistently at .75 seconds or better. 90 % within 6″ of target.


Class of 2018
Brady Lawrence Newsome High School, Florida


Class of 2019
Steele Judy Berkeley High School, South Carolina

Underclassmen consistently exhibiting FBS/1-A College Potential


Class of 2018
Donald Dinerman Gulliver Prep, Florida
Conor Kennelly Watertown High School, Massachusetts
Alex Sliney Needham High School, Massachusetts
Class of 2019
Ethan Evans North Surry High School, North Carolina

Developing players to watch. Exhibiting General College Potential – ALL CLASSES


Class of 2017
Sean Walters Coral Shores High School, Florida
Class of 2018
Daniel Alves Osceola High School, Kissimmee, Florida
Taete McMurry Berkeley High School, South Carolina
Geoff Wilson North Attleboro High School, Massachusetts
Class of 2019
Landon Spangenberg Hagerty High School, Florida


Class of 2017
Sean Walters Coral Shores High School, Florida
Class of 2018
Donald Dinerman Gulliver Prep, Florida
Taete McMurry Berkeley High School, South Carolina
Class of 2019
Alex Harrison Christian Brothers Academy, New York

Special Recognition Category


Class of 2021
Brett Reed Hometown: Cape Coral, Florida
For a current eight grader, Brett is well ahead of most kickers his age with 45 yard field goal range (off the ground) and kickoffs to the five yard line.